What Are Stable Bandages Used for? A Guide to Stable Bandaging

Introduction Protection of a horse’s lower legs is important whether you’re training it for competition or just exercising your horse to keep it healthy, and there are many ways you can stabilize a horse’s legs. In addition to various types of boots, you can also use bandages to support the leg, although bandages are usually […]

7 Best Brushing Boots for Cross Country: 2020 Review Pros and Cons

Introduction Most people have heard the term “cross country,” but when it applies to horses, what exactly does it mean? Simply put, when a horse participates in this type of event, it participates in an event that is designed to pit the horse and its owner against rough terrain, time and obstacle challenges, and even […]

5 Essential Pieces of Equestrian Safety Equipment

When you go out riding, you need to make sure that you always-always-always wear riding gear, and this gear is certified and approved for use in horse riding. The danger of falling off or being kicked by a horse is all too real, and you need to do everything in your power to protect against […]

What Is the Best Horse Riding Body Protector?

Don Quixote and his horse Rocinante are among the most famous rider/mount duos in literary history. Unfortunately for Don Quixote, however, he and his steed are famous not for any daring deeds but for their many calamitous crashes, disasters, and “unintended” dismounts. From his famous incident with the windmills throughout his many misadventures, Don Quixote […]

What to Look for in the Most Common Types and Styles of Horse Boots

Horse Boots Whether you are a professional equestrian, an up and comer, someone who’s new to the sport, or simply love to ride for recreation, you need to make sure you have the right boots. For riders, that means choosing between the many iterations of sleek leather and rubber riding boots. For horses, that means […]

What to Look Out for Before Buying Horse Boots: A Quick Guide

In the world of equestrianism, the right equipment can make all the difference. As a rider, you need to have a pair of riding boots that are comfortable, sleek, and absolutely perfect. But what about your horse? For all the thought and care you put into picking out the right pair of riding boots for […]

7 Best Overreach Boots 2020 Buyers Guide

Overreach boots are often called bell boots, and they are placed on the lower part of the horse’s front legs to protect the back part of the pastern – the bone right above the hoof – and the heel of the horse’s foot. These boots, in other words, cover the very bottom part of the […]

3 Tips for Bandaging a Horse’s Legs: Simple, Quick, and Easy

If you’re a horse owner, you’re already familiar with some of the reasons bandaging a horse’s legs is such a good idea, and you likely already know that the more you practice this technique, the better you’ll be at it. Although the overall concept of bandaging a horse’s legs is relatively simple, it still needs […]