4 thoughts on “Why Horses should wear boots when working.

  1. In all honesty I think this is very trutful and I'd be interested to watch the whole docco (since it looks like its been cut out of one). I don't think its necessarily saying that horses can't support their own weight…. I think it more explaining the mechanism whilst also highlighting the reason for boots as it shows any impact could cause considerable damage to the major ligaments

  2. Just stop using shoes, this will help all horses. Along with proper diet, the right living conditions, balancing work, straightening work, a good body worker, excellent teeth care… This experiment is a great example of how and why the reductionist method in research doesn't work that well. This doesn't recreate what actually happens when a horse moves, nor does it take into account the many factors which affect the circumstances and the horse at any given time. A more holistic approach and testing would be more persuasive.

  3. What absolute rubbish! Horses are perfectly able to support themselves, and an unshod hoof has excellent shock-absorbing qualities all on it's own. If horses couldn't run, jump, walk, balance whatever – without protective boots – horses would have become extinct a long time ago. This video merely shows an over-simplifying of complex processes – for instance, measuring the pressure on one static, dead leg gives absolutely no meaningful information on the subject – in order to sell a product.

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