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New Horse Boots REGRETS! ??‍♀️ | Gypsy Equestrian

Hi My name is Marina! My channel is about my journey with my first horse Kazí! I spent my childhood begging my parents for lessons and a horse. I dreamt about horses and read all the pony pals books. Now, 1 million years later, I FINALLY I have my first horse.

You can hear about my riding story in this video:

The Animals ❤️

KamaKazÍ ? | 14.3hh bay Arabian

Xëna ? | 3 y.o. Belgian Malinois

Instagram @gypsyequestrian

Thank you for watching and supporting my channel! Please let me know in the comments if there are any videos you would like me to make!



3 thoughts on “New Horse Boots REGRETS! ??‍♀️ | Gypsy Equestrian

  1. I was hoping for more from this video. The only regret is the color, which is gorgeous. (Glad to see it's growing on you bc spray painting those boots would have been a travesty!) Would have enjoyed hearing the positives…

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