Why Do Horses Wear Tendon Boots?

When you raise or care for horses, especially if you decide to race them at any point, you likely already know that special equipment and accessories are a must. After all, these animals’ legs have to be well taken care of if they are involved in any type of competition, which is why so many horse-owners utilize products such as tendon boots. These are items that fit over the bottom part of the horse’s legs and are meant to provide extra support and absorb shock as they jump over obstacles. They can also be worn when the horse isn’t racing, because they provide a little extra support and comfort and a great way to keep the legs relaxed and pain-free.

Your Horses Deserve the Best Care

Boots that fit over the tendon area are made out of a flexible plastic and neoprene, and they are often covered in a jersey-like material so that your horses’ legs won’t chafe or become irritated during practice or even regular activity. Indeed, horses’ tendon boots are the perfect way to keep your horses’ legs supported and comfortable during any type of activity, and they can even help reduce injury as the horses jump, run, or participate in any type of high-speed activity. Just like foot products for humans, these boots are available in several sizes and even different colors, and they are perfect for the horse if your goal is to protect the leg and tendon area and reduce the chances of injuries to the leg as you go throughout the day.

You can think of these boots as a type of brace for the horses’ legs, because they keep their legs supported and intact, but still allow the freedom the animals need to move about without pain. Even if you don’t race your horses, a well-made set of tendon boots will keep your horse comfortable and happy even if they’re worn for many hours at a time.

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Well-Fitting Boots Make a Difference

Of course, for these boots to work right they have to fit right, which is why they come in a variety of sizes. For riding, jumping, or simply walking around in the field, they help absorb the impact in those cases where the horse is super-active and even when it’s just trotting around getting some exercise. Even better, the boots are inexpensive and, therefore, won’t break the bank, which means you can afford to buy several sets of them if you own more than one horse.

If you’re even considering purchasing some tendon boots for the racing animals in your life, you can find many types of them at both brick-and-mortar and online stores that specialize in products made for horses and their care. Most of these boots even come with Velcro straps that make it easy to achieve the perfect fit, making them neither too tight nor too loose. Let’s face it, nothing is too good for your horse, and these boots are a great way to show all of your horses that their care is important to you, especially if you enter them into competitions.

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