Why Do Horses Wear Brushing Boots?

Brushing boots are also called splint boots, and they are placed on the forelegs of horses to prevent the leg or hoof from accidentally hitting the other leg. This can cause serious injuries to a horse’s leg, especially if the horse is wearing shoes, which is why these boots are so valuable. Any time horses are involved in an activity that is fast-paced – such as reining or jumping – it is possible for their legs to be injured this way, but a good set of brushing boots supports the forelegs so that the chances of injury are much less. Fortunately, these items are easy to find and very inexpensive, which means protecting your horses’ forelegs when they are training or even on the hyper side is easier than you think.

More Than Just Training

Splint boots are for much more than just training, because they can be used on horses that run around a lot in the field, stumble more than the average horse does, or even horses that are non-conformed, or have a certain bone structure and musculature. They fit tight, but not too tight, and provide not only the right amount of support, but also the protection they need if one of their legs does accidentally hit the other one. Usually made out of some type of quality leather or tough neoprene, brushing boots sometimes even have fleece linings and other fancy features, although you certainly don’t need features like this to get a set that works right and does the job they are meant to do.

Best of all, these types of boots come in many different sizes to fit every animal from the smallest pony to the largest competitor, as well as many different colors. They are usually vented on one side so that their legs get some airflow, and most of all, they are comfortable for all horses regardless of their size, age, or general health.

Best Seller

Specially Made Boots for the Horse in Your Life

Horses are dearly loved by their owners, which is why purchasing a set of these boots will let them know how important they are to you. Many of them even have a little padding on the inside to keep your animal as comfortable as possible. After all, just because they serve an important purpose doesn’t mean they can’t be super-comfortable and even aesthetically appealing! The padding is also there to protect certain bones, such as the cannon bone and the fetlock.

Even non-competition animals could use a good set of brushing boots, because any horse that is super-active or who loves to get regular exercise deserves to have a set to be well-protected from potential injuries. The fact that they are available to fit horses of all sizes is great, but what’s even better is their ability to protect the bones of the horses they serve. To top it all off, you can usually purchase a high-quality set for around $40, which means your horses will be accommodated without breaking the bank, adding yet another advantage to choosing brushing boots.