What Are the Best Hoof Boots for Horses?

There are many reasons to choose a good set of hoof boots for your horses, because you can easily think of many good reasons why boots that protect a horse’s hoofs are so important. Hoof boots provide great traction and grip force, especially on slippery surfaces, and protect the horses’ feet in a way that also makes them a lot more comfortable. If you’ve never bought any type of “shoe” for your horse, but you’re interested in doing so, the good news is that it is very simple to learn a few basics that will help you get the perfect set in the end, taking out all of the guesswork in of the process so that your horses will appreciate what you’re doing for them.

Making the Right Selection for Your Horses

Horse-lovers look for the best for the horses in their care, and a good set of hoof boots protects hoofs from uncomfortable surfaces, hot roads, and much more. When you’re riding your horse, it’s easy to ignore or forget about the road conditions, but the fact is that the road can greatly affect your horses’ comfort level. Boots that cover hoofs are important even if horses are wearing horseshoes because they offer added protection from the things that can harm these animals. If you’re wondering what you should look for when shopping for the perfect set of hoof boots, here are a few basics to consider:

  • A sturdy front cover that prevents scratches and will help the boot last much longer
  • Straps or screw-in features that help the boots stay on regardless of conditions
  • Small drainage holes that allow perfect airflow for extra comfort
  • A tread pattern that helps prevent slipping on muddy or slimy surfaces

Let’s face it, your horses’ feet deserve all the protection they can get, not just to keep them more comfortable, but to keep them safe from injuries as well, and that’s exactly what these boots are there to do.

The Best Hoof Boots: A Few Recommendations

Well-made hoof boots are easier to find than you think, and below are some high-quality products made by reputable companies that your horses will love:

  • Easyboot Glove: specializing in both toughness and flexibility, their product fits the horse like skin and are especially useful when riding in hilly or otherwise challenging terrain
  • Kavallerie PRO-K Support Boot: available with a variety of hook and loop closures to choose from, it is both lightweight and easy to wear
  • Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot: great protection features, perfect to wear when recovering from injuries, and also one of the least-expensive boots on the market
  • Easyboot Trail: front shield that offers great protection and a decorative look, as well as a wide selection of sizes and prices
  • Cavallo Simple: leather-made upper for extra longevity, a flexible tread, and Velcro enclosures for the perfect fit

If you feel like your horse could benefit from great coverage for its hooves, it’s time to consider purchasing a sturdy set of hoof boots guaranteed to protect its feet from discomfort and potential injuries, and it’s great to know it won’t break the bank for you to purchase them.