Top 10 Winter Riding Gloves for Women

Winter riding clothing is all about warmth, comfort and practicality and riding gloves are no different in this regard to winter coats and yard boots.  Riders are always keen to find a well-priced riding glove which combines all the features that they need and is tough enough to last the course.

What should you be looking for before you buy winter gloves for women?

There are actually quite a lot of potential features on a winter riding glove so here are some of the things to look out for to help you find the best pair for your winter riding needs:-

  • Warmth is obviously the first and most crucial factor in a pair of winter riding gloves
  • Waterproof gloves tend to be a less obvious consideration than fabric which will keep your hands warm but just remember how cold your hands can become when they get very wet
  • Breathability is a factor often overlooked in a pair of winter riding gloves but breathable fabrics can be really helpful for those milder days when the temperature goes up unexpectedly and your hands can start to get too hot, maybe even sweat
  • Flexibility is important so that the gloves don’t affect or interfere with your contact on the reins  – you want to be able to have the sensitive contact with your horse’s mouth that you would usually have
  • Grip is essential particularly if you are hacking out or jumping something strong or sharp
  • Bulky gloves just don’t feel right when you ride, a snug and contoured fit is paramount
  • Wrist closure or longer elasticated cuffs are a really nice touch because it gets rid of that annoying (and chilly) gap between the bottom of your jacket sleeve and the start of the glove particularly as your jacket can ride up as you ride
  • Durability is crucial – it’s amazing how many of the so-called top makes just don’t last the course. Reinforcement around the rein fingers is a feature on some gloves as this is an area which is subject to increased wear.  Clearly, there is an element of friction from the reins but a good set of winter gloves for women should be expected to last more than one season

Here are our top 10 winter gloves for women.

  • Uvex Sportstyle Winter riding glovesreviewers state that these gloves are really comfortable although sizing can be on the small side so bear that in mind when you order. The Uvex Sportstyle Winter riding gloves have a winter fleece lining called Thinsulate which does not feel bulky when you ride but will keep your hands well protected from the wind and rain and warm and toasty.  The gloves have an elastic feel to promote maximum grip and flexibility and are breathable for optimum comfort if temperatures do rise. The outer material is tough and durable.  These gloves can be washed at 30ºC and are available in black or brown
  • Just Chaps All-purpose riding glovesthese winter gloves for women from Just Chaps are a really attractive design, a nice change from the rather ubiquitous offering from most manufacturers which can be all rather samey. They are a snug fit so are not too bulky and can actually double up for some yard chores as well as riding.    They feature a Thinsulate lining with a good length of cuff to cover that gap which can sometimes appear between the end of your jacket and the start of your gloves particularly when you are riding.  The gloves are stretchy which promotes a good comfortable fit and super grippy with a reinforced palm and finger patches which also helps to support longevity.  These Just Chaps gloves are machine washable and available in black

  • Mountain Horse Comfy Glovesa high tech fleece glove with silicone print inside the palm for grip and reflective piping on the upper hand for visibility. Users report that these gloves fitted perfectly and are very comfortable and they are robust enough for other functions like lungeing. Mountain Horse Comfy Gloves will keep your hands amazingly warm.  Available in black

  • Ariat Insulated Tek Grip glovesa robust glove which is excellent at keeping out the cold but which does not feel thick or bulky or ill-fitting. You would expect something special from the brand, Ariat, and these gloves do not disappoint.  They are made from Polartec Wind Pro, a stretch fleece for maximum insulation with a hard face coating on the fleece for abrasion and water resistance.  Smooth articulated fingers with super durable reinforced stress points provide a sensitive contact and the gloves have non-snag Velcro closures at the wrist with the hallmark Ariat signature.  A fine synthetic suede palm allows for feeling down the rein but yet keeps your hands warm in the wet and the cold

  • Hy5 Storm Breaker thermal glovesthe Hy5 Storm Breaker thermal gloves feature a lovely long elastic cuff so there is no chilly gap between the gloves and the end of your coat sleeves. They have a 40g Thinsulate inner lining which holds the heat in.  A reinforced grip palm and reinforced rein fingers will ensure a secure contact on the reins and provide durability in the areas of the glove which any rider will tell you wear out first.  The Storm Breaker features a lovely innovation of touch screen compatible fingertips so you can use your phone or device without needing to keep taking them off.  Available in black
  • Equetech Aurora Winter riding glovesthin enough to ride in, the Equetech Aurora Winter riding gloves will still keep out the chill on a cold day. Made from micro-fine technical stretch shell fabric with a water-resistant and windproof stretch membrane and a fleece lining, these gloves offer maximum insulation with minimum bulk and are snug fitting enough to help promote a perfect contact on the reins.  The gloves have a silicone grip with articulated fingers and reinforced stress points with an easy-tab Velcro panel to close over the wrist with the stylish Equetech Pelham logo in 3D

  • Woof Wear Waterproof riding glovedesigned particularly for wet weather riding, the Woof Wear riding glove will keep your hands warm and dry as you ride whilst not diminishing grip and feel. As every rider knows, if your hands get wet then they get cold and this can really affect your contact on the reins.  A waterproof outer layer with a breathable and waterproof inner membrane will keep your hands warm and dry all day long.  There is a thermal tricot inner lining for comfort and the extra-long gusseted cuff provides even more warmth.  There is a hard-wearing synthetic suede palm which offers superb grip and feel and there is further reinforcement between the rein fingers.  These gloves are flexible and durable enough to double up for some yard chores as well as riding.  Available in black

  • Ryda Ladies Winter Horse Riding Gloves – not a make that is so well known by equestrian lady riders but there are good reviews for these windproof and waterproof gloves. They are fully lined with Thinsulate fleece and have an elasticated cuff for a snug fit.  The palm is made from synthetic leather and the rein fingers are strengthened to ensure longevity as well as performance
  • Women’s Elgin Riding Gloves by Sealskinzimitated but never bettered, enjoy the unrivalled technology that is Sealskinz now brought to you in the form of a ladies riding glove. 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, the Women’s Elgin riding gloves feature anti-slip liner technology and a durable palm made of soft, supple performance synthetic suede with engineered reinforcement.  This version by Sealskinz is thinner than some of the previous gloves so now provides that ultimate feel down the rein that all riders want whilst still protecting your hands against the worst of the winter weather
  • Shires Aubrion Patterson Winter Riding glovesfleece-lined riding gloves available in a lovely winter blue which makes a change from the standard black of most riding gloves although the Shire Aubrion Patterson winter gloves are also available in black for those who prefer it. These gloves have silicone grip palms and a cosy fleece inner lining

Top Tips for looking after your gloves

  • Don’t leave them screwed up in a ball in your riding hat particularly if they are wet, lay them out flat to dry near but not directly in front of a heat source
  • Have good yard gloves, gloves for lungeing, thick protective and waterproof gloves for when you are picking up jump poles out of wet sand and woolly gloves for when you are just standing there in the cold watching someone else at a competition or event. You have boots for different purposes and gloves are no different – no one pair of gloves will perform all of these functions and there is nothing more annoying than having on the wrong pair of gloves.  If you get into the habit of wearing your riding gloves for chores around the yard or manual work then they will wear out very quickly and you will damage the surface which could affect your grip on the reins
  • Try not to forget about your gloves and end up leaving them in a jacket pocket – riding gloves will last longer if they are treated with the same care and respect that you would use for your riding hat

Most women have their own tried and trusted brand of winter gloves but it can be worth looking at new makes as they come onto the market; technology is evolving so rapidly that there always seem to be new and better materials available to stand the ultimate test of a British winter whilst allowing the rider the optimal flexibility that they crave to achieve that super contact down the reins.  

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