Top 10 Winter Riding Gloves for Children

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Clothing for winter riding is all about warmth, comfort and practicality and this is particularly important for winter riding gloves for children.  Children can struggle in winter temperatures particularly if either their hands or feet are wet or cold so snug, secure gloves should be at the top of the riding kit list.

What are the things to look out for when you are buying winter gloves for children?

Children have all the same riding requirements as adults, they need a warm glove for the winter which is not bulky, provides a comfortable and secure fit and offers some grip onto the reins.  Mum and dad are probably more interested in price, performance and durability whereas colour and design will be the focus for a child.  Here are some of the key factors to think about:-

  • Warmth is really important for a rider of any age but especially children, cold hands make for a miserable riding time
  • Waterproofing is just as important as the thermal properties of a glove because even on a mild winter day, wet hands will quickly become cold hands
  • Breathability is also a factor often overlooked in a pair of winter riding gloves but there are plenty of mild days in winter when the temperature rises and little hands can suddenly become hot. Breathable fabrics work in all temperatures meaning you don’t have to have a pair of gloves for every month of the year
  • Children dislike any clothing which is uncomfortable or doesn’t allow them to get on with what’s in front of them. Little hands have enough to do to hold the reins and sometimes the reins on riding school tack are not that small or narrow
  • Choose gloves with a different fabric on the palm and/pr around the fingers designed to promote grip especially useful if you have a small child on a larger pony
  • Avoid gloves which are bulky as this makes it more difficult to find a secure contact on the reins
  • Wrist closures are important but you need to think about the type of coat the child will be wearing in different weather conditions so the gloves do not interfere with the coat cuffs. There is nothing more unpleasant than a chilly gap between the end of the sleeve and the start of the gloves.  When you check coat and gloves together always ask the child to put their arms into a riding position rather than leave them hanging down by their sides
  • Consider durability and how often the gloves will be worn
  • Children’s hands will grow and don’t assume that a child has child-sized hands as they can move on quickly into adult glove ranges even at a young age – hands, feet and heads can grow disproportionately quickly to the rest of the child’s body which may mean frequent trips to the saddlery.
  • Jolly Tots Equestrian Bang on the Door Apple Glovesthese sensibly coloured dark riding gloves are lovely and stretchy to provide a nice secure but flexible fit. The fingers are reinforced on the palm side and there is a cosy cuff which is not bulky.  With a pretty apple motif, these gloves are hard to resist and of course, there is a matching hat cover.  For children aged 7-12 years
  • Harry Hall Roxby Junior Reflective Glovesavailable in black, black and reflective yellow or black and shocking pink, these gloves are made from a reflective fabric which is only visible when direct light shines on it.  The printed star pattern and distinctive Harry Hall branding make these a popular choice for the fashion-conscious mini jockey.  There is a soft, rubberised palm and added thumb and ring finger reinforcement offering a very superior grip.  With thoughtful attention to detail, the stitching is finished with a colour pop offering the perfect contrast.  They offer great warmth and comfort without being too thick and the added benefit is that you can see them in the dark so they are easier to find if you misplace them
  • Roeckl Toronto Junior Riding Glovesstretchy, super comfy gloves specifically designed for the older child rider who maybe just a little fashion conscious. The fabric on the palm is tough and hard-wearing yet flexible enough to reflect the rider’s changing contact on the reins.  The back of the glove is made from a two-way Spandex and Lyrca providing that perfect fit yet with unrestricted movement plus there is a touch tape fastening on the wrist and a contrasting coloured trim and glitter star design that no aspiring teenage girl could resist
  • Woof Wear Young Rider Pro Glovesavailable in a rich berry shade or vibrant electric blue, this is a technical glove to suit little hands rather than an adult glove which has just been scaled down in size without any thought for the needs of the wearer. A four-way stretch mesh which is breathable on the upper part of the glove is combined with a synthetic leather grip on the palms and fingers resulting in a glove which will really perform in either cold and wet or cold and dry conditions
  • Toggi Glara Children’s Riding Glovesthese are fleece lined so are the perfect choice for the colder months. Available in either black or purple, the Toggi Glara has a grippy palm and a Velcro cuff to keep the cold air out without any gapping.  Made with reinforced seams for longevity and durability, these gloves are both long-lasting and comfortable so will definitely see the winter out.  Toggi offer a range of child sizes from tiny through to teenager
  • Mark Todd Super Riding Gloves for Childrenthis is a smart glove which will double up for winter competitions as well as day to day riding. Made in faux leather with a pitted effect insert and a knitted back, there is a snug elasticated wrist and a smart Mark Todd branded tab fastener.  Available in black, brown, navy and white, the colour range covers all the disciplines and also daily riding.  This is a mixed child and adult range glove but the smallest sizing goes down to about age 10
  • Hy5 Children’s Every Day Two Tone Riding Gloveswith extra padding to prevent the reins rubbing and chafing on little fingers, the Hy5 Every Day Riding Glove has easy fastening straps for a comfortable secure fit. Available in pink, purple, orange, raspberry and sky blue, there is sure to be a colour which will fit the matchy-matchy look.  Only the back of the hand has colour, the palms are sensibly plain black to withstand dirt
  • Ryda Childrens Winter Fleece Backed Leather Horse Riding Gloves for Childrena range designed for children aged from four to ten years old but sizing is small so they really won’t fit larger children. With a soft and comfortable fleece back to ensure that hands stay toasty, the Ryda has a real leather palm which will really help a good rein contact and last a long time.  The rein fingers are reinforced and there is an elasticated cuff for a snug fit.  The comprehensive colour range will have something for everyone
  • Shires Children’s William Hunter Equestrian Kid’s Sure Grip Glovesthese gloves are great value are and designed to be one size fits all. They are woollen with a pimple grip palm and a long wrist fitting for extra warmth in the winter and are so economic that you won’t mind if they get lost and you need to buy another pair.  The Shires Children’s William Hunter glove comes in a range of exciting colours and the woollen fabric means that you don’t have to be as precise on sizing
  • Little Rider Riding Star Children’s Winter Gloveskeep tiny hands warm and cosy with these stylish fleece riding gloves which are specifically designed for children and specifically designed for winter riding. There is a long elasticated cuff to keep out the cold and Amara palms to help with grip plus reinforced rein fingers for those strong ponies and to prevent undue wear.  In practical navy with an attractive rose pink stitching and lovely branding on the back of the hand, the Little Rider Riding Star Winter Gloves are great value but with no concessions to style

Winter glove measurements for children

Gloves are usually measured and sized based on the length of the middle finger but sizing is not standard in the UK as with many other types of clothes.  So once you have the middle finger measurement for the child then it is important to check the sizing guide for each individual brand of glove as they will not be universal.

Buying Tips

Bear in mind that some glove ranges are universal and produced for both adults and children and are just made in sizes small enough for children; this is different to a manufacturer who specifically offers children’s gloves which are designed with the unique requirements of younger riders in mind.

The performance of the glove is just as important for children as it is for adult riders because children face just the same challenges with the reins and the contact on the horse’s mouth as older equestrians.  Gloves which are not comfortable and chafe or which do not offer enough grip and security will be overlooked in favour of gloves which do perform so always look beyond the funky colours and branding to a glove that will totally deliver for your child.  And, as any rider knows, there is nothing worse than cold hands during winter riding, about as miserable as cold feet so warmth is paramount.  If your hands and feet are cold then the rest of your body will be and small children find it much harder to withstand bitter temperatures than their adult counterparts. 

Gloves with a reflective element are useful in the winter as dark-coloured gloves are easy to lose and there is nothing more annoying than finding just one glove in your hat rather than two.  Children’s winter riding gloves are so warm and practical, they are often pressed into service for other outdoor activities during the cold weather because they are perfectly designed to be practical and versatile but also warm and toasty.

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