7 Best Overreach Boots 2020 Buyers Guide

Overreach boots are often called bell boots, and they are placed on the lower part of the horse’s front legs to protect the back part of the pastern – the bone right above the hoof – and the heel of the horse’s foot. These boots, in other words, cover the very bottom part of the horse’s legs that includes part of the hoof, and they protect the bottom of the legs from being accidentally hit by the back, or hind legs of the horse as it’s exercising or training.

This type of boot can be made out of various materials, usually rubber, and they are usually made with Velcro strips for the perfect fit. Because they are designed just for the front two legs, they are usually sold in pairs, and most are very inexpensive. Other materials they can be made out of include carbon fiber, open-cell foam, gum rubber, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Introduction to Overreach Boots

There are three basic types of overreach boots – the basic overreach or open bell boot, which wraps around the leg and has some type of Velcro or hook-and-loop closure; the pull-on boots that are usually made of rubber and have no openings; and the lined boots, which are usually lined with some type of fleece or sheepskin. If your horse is going to be involved in any type of high-performance or aggressive activities – such as cross-country, jumping, or running around in slippery or muddy surfaces – bell boots are a definite advantage.

Even if a horse is merely playing, it can easily play a little too rough and accidentally pull a shoe on the front legs with its back legs, and bell boots can prevent this from happening. As you can see, these types of boots are useful for avoiding a lot of pain and discomfort for your horse, which is one of the reasons so many horse owners insist on having them on hand at all times. As a general rule, these boots are relatively inexpensive and, therefore, you should be able to find just what you need without spending too much money.

To make sure overreach or bell boots fit the right way, make sure the bottom rim of the boot barely touches the ground when the horse is in a standing position, and make sure you can fit one finger in between the inner rim of the boot and the pastern. In addition, boots that are too large should never be chosen because they can cause the horse to stumble. On the other hand, boots that are too small can cause chaffing or irritation, so choosing the right fit is crucial for a number of reasons.

If you’re researching these boots and would like to know which brands are the most highly recommended, below are seven that you should consider seriously before purchasing a pair.

1. Professional’s Choice Bell Boots

With a ballistic nylon outer cover and a lining that offers shock-absorbing features to reduce impact damage, these boots also come in a variety of colors and designs and have a sturdy Velcro strap to ensure that they fit right every time. Lightweight at around eight ounces, they are comfortable and provide just the right amount of coverage and support, greatly reducing the possibility of damage or injury to the back part of the leg.

These overreach boots are also very reasonably priced at just under $33 for the pair, so if you have more than one horse that needs boots, you can accommodate them all without breaking the bank. They come with a special no-turn knob that keeps the boot from turning as it’s being worn, and they are available in a variety of different sizes, which means they will always fit perfectly and never slip off or become too loose.

Of course, one of the most exciting things about these bell boots is the variety of colors and designs that are available, with over 30 different designs that include basic solid colors such as black, hot pink, teal, orange, and many others, as well as patterns such as Sunburst, Tropical, Mojave, and Fiesta, to name a few. Let’s face it, boots of all types are placed on horses for a variety of reasons, but if your horses are going to wear them anyway, why not choose a set that serves an important purpose and also looks great?

With sturdy materials that will keep them around for a long time and a design that allows them to fit every horse perfectly without being too tight or too loose, Professional’s Choice makes great bell boots that are perfect for competition, cross-country, and for just about every other discipline, even in wet or muddy conditions that other types of boots may not be able to stand up to.

2. TGW Riding Bell Boots in Various Colors

Available in three sizes and eight different colors, these bell boots are made with numerous features that guarantee their effectiveness, including a super-durable design that makes them perfect for any discipline, a no-turn knob that prevents the boots from spinning or turning as they’re being worn, and a specially made lining that absorbs shock and causes much less leg pain and discomfort for the horse.

One of the biggest advantages to these overreach boots is the strike area made of reinforced mesh, which makes it extra-thick and provides for the ultimate in protection and support. This is a rip- and tear-proof mesh that will not hold water or dampness, and at around $21 for a pair of these boots, you won’t have to break the bank just to get the perfect set of bell boots for your horse.

Lightweight and easy to get on and off, these boots do just as good of a job as other boots that are much higher in price, and at colors such as red, purple, blue, and orange, to name a few, they will look great on your horse regardless of what you’re doing with it at the moment. Furthermore, because they are made tough and for all disciplines and activities, you can count on them to withstand whatever you put them through and not to disintegrate or wear out after just a short period of time.

Indeed, whether you’re training your horse for competition, exercising it to get it in shape, or simply riding your horse around your farm all day, bell boots provide protection from overreach injuries and simply a more comfortable way for your horse to walk, run, and jump. Because they are both high in quality and reasonably priced, this is a set of boots you won’t regret purchasing.

3. XMGreat Neoprene Bell Boots

Sold at roughly $27 for a set of two, the XMGreat bell boots are made out of high-quality, very sturdy neoprene with a layer of strong nylon placed over it. They come with a no-turn knob that makes turning and spinning a lot less likely, and a well-made hook-and-loop fastener that allows the boots to fit the horse perfectly regardless of its size, in part because they come in three different sizes – small, medium, and large.

These boots are perfect for protecting your horse’s legs from becoming injured due to overreaching, and they are both lightweight and tough enough to last regardless of what you put them through. From general riding and exercising to training for a tough competition, your horse’s bottom leg area will be both comfortable and protected from pain and discomfort every time it wears these boots.

In addition, because of their quality and the breathability of the materials they’re made out of, you can let your horse wear these boots regardless of the season, because even in the summer months your horse won’t have to worry about becoming too uncomfortable or the boots soaking up mud or dampness. These overreach boots are perfect whether it’s cold, hot, or raining outside, and even the Velcro straps are able to stand up to all types of weather conditions.

4. Classic Equine ProTech Bell Boot

Available in three sizes and in two different colors, these bell boots are made out of neoprene and a soft jersey material that is covered in a pliable outer shell, all of which offer the ultimate in protection and comfort. The materials include a shock-absorbing feature that prevents the horse from getting serious injuries to its lower legs, and the 2520-denier nylon material is included for extra toughness and durability.

These boots are great because they conform easily to the horse’s legs, providing a great fit without being too tight, and the hook-and-loop closure ensures the perfect fit regardless of your horse’s size. In fact, they fit so well that you’ll believe they were made just for your horse – and in a way, that’s exactly what happened! Lightweight at under six ounces, but still very tough, these bell boots are consistently given high ratings by their customers, and you’ll enjoy both their expert fit and their attractive look.

If all that wasn’t enough, the bell boots made by Classic Equine are also reasonably priced, costing only around $30 for a set of two. This means that even if you have more than one horse on your farm, you can easily purchase several sets of these boots without going over your budget. Let’s face it, all horse owners want the best for their horses, but if you can find a high-quality pair of boots without paying a fortune for them, why not do so?

5. Kavallerie Pro-K No-Turn Bell Boots

For the ultimate hoof protection, these boots made by Kavallerie can’t be beat. The locking system is nice and thick so that the fit is both efficient and comfortable, and the no-spin feature means the horse can participate in all sorts of brisk activities without worrying about spinning or turning – or the boot becoming too loose. In fact, with their high-quality materials, these boots are guaranteed to fit perfectly every time, without ever being too tight or too loose.

A few other significant features of these well-made overreach boots include a shock-absorbing lining to prevent pain and discomfort to the horse’s legs, as well as giving it the flexibility it needs when it’s jumping, participating in a cross-country event, or even practicing for that next competition. The boots are also made out of water-resistant materials, meaning they won’t soak up water or dampness, but will instead remain lightweight and breathable.

They can even stand up to mud and dirt or any type of slippery surface, and they are super-easy to put on or take off, even if you have a horse that’s a little on the fidgety side. The quick-release touch-tape Velcro system means putting them on or taking them off can also be done quickly, so this is one task you’ll never have to spend a lot of time on. Even better, you can wash the boots within minutes by hosing them down, wiping them with a damp washcloth, or throwing them in the washing machine and letting them air dry.

Neoprene is also a good material for bell boots because it never tightens up whenever it gets too wet, but instead it remains as pliable and conforming as it was when you first bought the boots. This means the boots won’t become too heavy or cumbersome whenever they get wet or damp, leaving you with one less worry when you’re exercising or training your horse.

6. Cashel Bell Boots Made of Rubber

At roughly $23 for a pair, these overreach boots are affordable as well as high in quality, and they are available in colors that include blue, lime green, hot pink, purple, red, and teal, as well as basic black and gray. They are made out of 1000-denier nylon for extra strength and durability, and they can stand up to some very challenging situations whether you’re in the arena or on the farm.

They are also available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, so it is easy for you to choose a pair that fits your horse perfectly. The center of the boots is made out of foam and does a great job of absorbing shock, making it easier to offer those sensitive areas of the horse’s feet better protection. Neither forging nor overreaching is a problem thanks to the high-tech rubber materials the boots are made of, and the leather hook-and-loop closure makes for a perfect fit every time.

In addition to all of this, the boots offer a 360-degree wrap that covers the entire foot area, including the bulb of the hoof and the coronary. This comprehensive coverage guarantees that what needs to be protected will be fully protected, eliminating any worries you might have when you start to train, exercise, or ride your horse. The boots will also never attract stickers or trap grass, so they will stay both clean and functional the entire time the horse is wearing them.

For a low-priced alternative to bell boots that are high in quality, but much pricier, Cashel can provide you with everything you’re looking for in horse boots without breaking the bank. If you’re curious about what real-life customers have said about these boots, most of them are happiest with two main features – the sturdiness that helps them last a long time, and the overall quality that makes them the perfect pair of bell boots every time.

7. Shires ARMA Neoprene Bell Boots

These boots are available in five sizes and seven different colors, including orange, teal, pink, and purple. They are also one of the least-expensive boots on the market, selling for roughly $17 for a set of two. Made out of high-quality neoprene, they are lightweight, but tough and breathable, so that they keep the horse comfortable regardless of what it’s doing. They are very sturdy overreach boots that offer double touch-close fasteners to make sure your horse gets the perfect fit every time.

The outer shell of the boots absorbs shock to protect against all types of blows and scuffs, and because of the soft upper edge, the horse will never experience any irritating rubbing around the pastern area. The Velcro opening makes for superior comfort and fit, and even if it’s snowing or raining outside, the edges will stay soft and never irritate your horse’s ankle area.

There’s no doubt about it. If you’re looking for bell boots that are made out of a sturdy material that is just flexible enough to stay comfortable and you aren’t interested in spending a lot of money for the pair, you should check out the boots made by Shires. These are very well-made boots made with reliable materials that are certain to never disappoint.

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