7 Best Brushing Boots for Cross Country: 2020 Review Pros and Cons


Most people have heard the term “cross country,” but when it applies to horses, what exactly does it mean? Simply put, when a horse participates in this type of event, it participates in an event that is designed to pit the horse and its owner against rough terrain, time and obstacle challenges, and even against other participants. For these events, special boots can be worn to provide the protection and the support the horse needs to make it through without getting hurt.

Horses have different boots available to wear depending on the activity they’re participating in, and there are specialized boots made just for cross country since the challenges faced in one of these events are usually quite unique. These equestrian events test both the horse’s and the rider’s skill, stamina, and talents, which is why boots made specifically for the events are so important. When participating in an event this challenging and difficult, it is of the utmost importance to make sure your horse has boots that provide excellent support the entire time, and fortunately this is easier to do than you think.

In addition, since the events take place outside in fields, forests, and other outdoor terrain, specialized boots are important because the horse is going to be galloping, jumping, and moving around a lot more than it normally would in other types of events. If you’re curious about some of the best horse boots on the market made specifically for cross country events, below are some of the many that consistently rate high, especially with customers.

1. Veredus E-Vento XC Event Boots

With 3D mesh materials and double ventilation, these boots are guaranteed to keep your horse’s legs comfortable throughout the entire event. Veredus relies on advanced technology and attention to every detail so that you get a product that is guaranteed to work like it’s supposed to and one that’s going to be around for many years to come. They realize that the leg protection a horse gets during any grueling XC event has to be top-notch because otherwise, it is only going to hurt the horse both physically and ruin its chances of being successful in the event itself.

Just a Few of Their Assets

These are also anatomically designed boots that fit easily and are made with materials that allow for both support and breathability, not to mention giving the horse a much more elegant look as it gallops and rides its way through the countryside. The boots are also completely waterproof and let in no water whatsoever, which is important in long events because the weather can change at any moment during the competition. Their polyurethane foam pads also absorb shock for those times when the horse is participating in high-impact jumping and other aggressive actions.

When You Expect the Very Best

Although they are expensive – just one boot can cost you roughly $200 – they are priceless once you get on the cross country field with your horse because they provide the perfect fit, great breathability, fantastic support, and no worries about slipping down on the legs while riding or jumping. They are also very lightweight, easy to get on and off the horse, and look extraordinary regardless of how long the horse ends up wearing them, even if you’ve washed them numerous times. If you want to get what you pay for and expect no less than the absolute best, this is the XC horse’s boot you need to look for.

2.WeatherBeeta Eventing Boots

These boots are a good multipurpose boot that makes any event more productive, in part because they are lightweight, but very sturdy and reliable. The boot molds around the fetlock area and fits the leg perfectly because of its anatomical design. It also comes with a thick strike pad that does a great job of protecting the tendon from any action caused by the rear hooves. There is also a strap at the bottom of the boot that prevents the boot from slipping during any type of activity or competition.

A Useful Design

The lining of these boots does a great job of keeping the horse’s leg comfortable, although it does soak up water when there’s a lot of rain outside. This makes the product not as water-resistant as many other XC boots and a little heavier once the lining absorbs a lot of water at one time. Still, even while wet the boots still provide excellent support and do not slip down on the horse’s leg, meaning it can still do its job regardless of the weather.

Some of the Biggest Advantages

Although these boots aren’t made specifically for cross country events, they make a great all-purpose boot that does a great job with most types of events. In addition to being a great boot that offers excellent protection and support, it is also a very reasonably priced boot at just under $65. Unless you’re a pro, and even if you are, you’ll likely be very pleased with the performance, fit, and durability that these boots offer. This includes great overall protection without restricting any of the horse’s movements, which goes a long way in any type of competition.

The boot even comes with a strike pad that is flexible yet tough, providing for extra protection against scrapes and bumps during competitive events and even regular exercise and play time.

3. Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots

Available in five different sizes and colors that include black, purple, turquoise, orange, and red, among others, these are sharp-looking XC boots that sell for a little under $100, but don’t let the interesting colors and unique design fool you. These boots are both flexible and do a great job of protecting the most important parts of the horse’s legs. They also offer two advantages that some other horse’s boots do not offer: a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shield in the back of the boot that reduces the chances of the rear part of the leg being damaged by overreach, and a special pad on the front of the boots to protect the cannon bone from getting bruised. With protection on both sides of the boot, there’s little wonder they do such a great job of reducing injuries during any type of competition or activity.

A Heavier Design

These boots also have a design that’s a little heavier and a little more complex than some people prefer, which means not everyone will like the design. That being said, it is a true-fitting boot and, therefore, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to choose the right size for your horse. They do a great job of protecting the horse’s legs, but at the same time, they do soak up water and are, therefore, not as breathable as some other brands.

Look at Both Sides

The Majyk Equipe XC boots for horses are sold in pairs and run roughly $95 for a pair, which makes them reasonably priced. They offer adjustable straps with a double-stitched finish, and the materials used on the outer section of the boots is super-easy to clean because all you have to do is rinse them off or wash them by hand with a wet washcloth. The colors make them an extra-good buy because your horse will look great while still getting the support and protection it needs, both of which are important to many horse owners.

4.LeMieux ProSport Stealth Air Shock XC Boots

Because of the advanced technology used in the design of these boots, they provide a shock-absorbing capability that means less pain from any type of impact. They come in a lightweight design, but are very sturdy and flexible, so they offer the ultimate protection and support without being flimsy or below par. In other words, with the LeMieux ProSport XC boots, you get both high quality and great comfort, not to mention the ability to last for a very long time.

The Qualities You Need and Deserve

When you’re looking for the perfect set of XC boots for your horse, you’ll naturally expect to get certain things – such as breathability, good looks, the right amount of support and protection from injuries, and the sturdiness to know you’ll be able to use the boots for many years to come. You get great strike pads for expert impact-resistance and the perfect weight-to-strength ratio, making them both comfortable and with the support you have a right to get when you’re purchasing these types of boots.

A Good Fit and Much More

These boots are molded perfectly to fit like a glove on your horse’s legs, and you get minimal water retention when it rains or the horse starts to sweat. This also means that the chances of chaffing or skin irritation on the horse’s legs are much slimmer, and even though they’re sturdy, the boots are still both flexible and strong, providing the best of both worlds. They are also non-vented, which is crucial if you want to avoid dust, dirt, or grime getting between the boot and the horse’s leg and causing skin irritation or tenderness.

If you’re curious about what some of the product’s many customers have to say about it, most of the compliments revolve around the boots’ expert fit, modern design, flexibility, and the overall quality of the boots that allow you to keep them for many years to come.

5. Shires Arma Air Motion XC Boots

With a sales price of under $45 for a pair of either front or hind boots, the Shires boots for cross country come in three different sizes and come with just the right amount of padding to protect the leg without making the boots too cumbersome or awkward to wear. With these boots, the tendon is always well-protected and so are the ligaments, in part because the size and shape of the boots is perfect for accommodating your horse’s protection and support needs.

A Good Overall Design

With a neutral black color and lightweight design, these boots are easy to place on your horse because you can put them on or take them off within minutes. They consist of tendon shields made out of fiberglass polymer and tough strike pads that do a great job of deflecting blows and keeping your horse’s legs well-protected even in the most aggressive regimens and events. In addition, there are straps that are adjustable and make closing the boots over the horse’s legs a breeze, also allowing for a great fit regardless of the size of the horse’s legs.

A Cooling Design Also Helps

The air-flow design also means that the boots are breathable, letting in just the right amount of air while keeping out dust, dirt, and grime. The fabric provides just the right amount of cushioning and, therefore, support, and the moisture level will always be low to prevent any chaffing or skin irritation from occurring. These boots are made with the right amount of comfort and support, making them perfect for your horse to wear for any number of competitive events.

6. Professional’s Choice Pro Performance XC Boots for Horses

When it comes to cross country boots for horses, all owners want the very best quality without paying too much money, and that’s exactly what the Professional’s Choice products offer you every time. For one thing, the improved cut and design cuts back on slipping while your horse is wearing the boots, meaning there’s a lesser chance of discomfort or even pain for the horse. In addition, the outer section of the boot is made out of a German TPU that is injected into the mesh base, allowing for the perfect amount of air flow both in and out of the boots. The TPU is also beneficial because it allows the boot to be more form-fitting and fit the way it’s supposed to without being too big or too small.

What About the Lining?

One of the most unique aspects of these boots is the lining, which is made out of a hypoallergenic polyolefin, which not only provides maximum airflow, but also a non-slip fit that keeps the boots in place the entire time. Best of all, these boots do not retain water, which means they will never get super-heavy or cause skin irritation or chaffing on the horse’s legs.

A Great Overall Set of Boots

With a cost of $80 for a pair of front or hind boots, these boots are affordable for everyone, even if you need several pairs because you have more than one horse on your property. The material is breathable and lightweight, and the boots are also suitable for turnout. The eco-foam is perforated and does a great job of absorbing shock, which means a lesser chance of pain and injury to the bones and ligaments on the front of the horse’s leg.

These boots are also available in several sizes for the perfect fit every time, which means you can easily get a size that is neither too small nor too large, making for the perfect fit and tightness every time.

7. Pro Choice Pro Performance XC Boots for Horses

If you want cross country boots for your horse that are lightweight, this is definitely one set to consider because they weigh only around one pound each. They are sold by the pair at roughly $86, and they offer a breathable mesh outer layer with 360-degree protection, so you can put these boots through quite a lot and they’ll remain dependable and functional. Even if the event itself gets a little rougher than you expected and you find yourself riding around in some very tough terrain, your horse will remain comfortable and pain-free, not to mention get the support and protection it needs to stay safe from injuries.

The Best of the Best

The surface of these boots is flexible and will never retain water from rain or sweat, which means there will be no extra weight added just because the horse starts to sweat or the weather gets a little rough. This keeps the weight of the boots consistent and light regardless of the rigors of the event course or the condition of the horse. The lining of the boots is made out of specialized non-slip materials, and the strike guard in the inside of the boots conforms to the shape of the leg for additional comfort without being too soft or flimsy.

The Right Company Makes a Difference

Professional’s Choice is a reputable company that provides horse owners with everything they need to take excellent care of their horses and prepare them for any type of competition. The cutting-edge technology they use means every detail of every one of their products is made with the most up-to-date features that guarantee both top-notch quality and the ultimate in comfort and support. Whether you need boots for cross country or just for regular exercise and daily activities, you can count on this company to provide just what you need, and you won’t have to sacrifice quality just to get something you can afford.

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