5 Best Dressage Boots for Horses 2020 Review

Horses wear different types of boots for different reasons, and if you ever see boots on the lower part of a horse’s legs, it is usually for one of two reasons: to protect the horse from damaging its legs while exercising or training, and to provide the horse with a little extra support, especially in the tendon area. There are numerous types of boots made out of many different materials, including real or faux leather, neoprene, and sometimes even certain types of plastic, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dressage boots are used mostly for protection against interference, which can happen when a horse’s hoof brushes up against its other leg while exercising or training. This can cause pain and discomfort for the horse, but boots protect its legs and greatly reduce the irritation and scrapes that can occur during interference. These types of boots are often lined with fleece and can be cleaned easily with water. They normally come in a range of sizes to meet all horses’ needs, and although prices can vary from one retailer to another, most of these boots are reasonably priced and affordable to almost everyone.

One of the most interesting aspects of dressage-type boots is their colors and overall look. Although they are not allowed during a dressage test, they can be worn in the warm-up area, and their colors usually include black-and-white or even a shade of brown to match the horse’s chestnut mount. These boots, in other words, lend a bit of elegance to your exercising or training routine, since dressage events themselves are a bit on the fancy side, and they are a lot less time-consuming to utilize than polo wraps or other boots are.

If you’d like to learn more about some of the best dressage boots on the market, below are a few of the best sellers that have received some of the highest customer ratings for this type of horse boot.

1. Kavallerie Dressage Horses’ Boots in Faux Leather

Kavallerie is a well-known, reputable company that makes a variety of boots for horses for all types of riding and exercising events. These particular boots are lined with fleece and come in a neutral black color. Although the leather is synthetic, it is a very tough type of leather that fully protects the horse’s legs regardless of the activity you’re participating in. It even comes complete with a shock-absorbing strike pad to minimize impact and keep the horse more comfortable.

Quality Inside and Out

The fleece lining is important because it protects the horse’s legs against chaffing or irritation, and it provides a more even pressure that can make hard knocks a lot easier to deal with. Most boots made for horses have the same main purpose: to provide more comfort for the horse, and this brand of boots is no different. Although these boots fit snugly, they still provide some breathability so that your horse doesn’t get too hot or uncomfortable, keeping your horse in a much better position to do whatever you need it to do next.

Yet another feature these boots have to keep horses more comfortable is the inclusion of three separate Velcro strips, which make for the perfect fit, regardless of the size of the horse’s legs. The strips are important because no two horses have legs that are the exact same width or size, but the Velcro ensures the boots will fit perfectly on the horse’s legs without being either too tight or too loose. If the boots are too tight, chaffing and irritation can occur, and if they’re too loose, they can slip down the horse’s legs and not provide the support it needs or do the things they were supposed to do in the first place.

Just What You Need for Your Horses

The Velcro strips are also there to make sure the boots don’t slip around as your horse is walking or jumping, which could cause numerous problems. Kavallerie dressage boots are made for the perfect comfort and fit, and these particular boots are available in either black or white and come in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-large sizes so that you always get the perfect fit for your own horse. Better still, at just under $65, this is a very affordable set of boots that you can easily purchase more than one set of if you like, which makes it perfect if you have several horses on your farm.

Easy to clean, affordable, and designed with a classy and elegant look that all horses deserve, these boots are made out of high-quality materials and even come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their only maintenance involves wiping them down occasionally with a damp washcloth, so they are easy to keep around for many years to come.

2. DSB Glossy Dressage Sport Boots

Made by Dressage Sport Boots, LLC (DSB), these boots are made out of a rigid vinyl for extra support and a firmer fit. The strike area is made out of a material that is puncture-, tear-, and abrasion-resistant and, therefore, they’ll last for a long time regardless of what you put them through. In fact, when it comes to durability, these boots will never let you down, and they are specifically made to survive the rigors of any equestrian environment or activity.

More Than Just a Great Fit

DSB dressage boots are also waterproof and very resistant to any type of fungal growth, which means your horse will be safe and comfortable even in damp or humid conditions. In a very attractive shiny black look, these boots are not only durable, but also machine washable. To get them clean, simply place them in the washing machine with warm water and a regular detergent, then dry them by either air-drying them or placing them in low heat in the dryer.

To make them last even longer, never dry the boots on a high heat or expose them to too much direct sunlight.

Easy to Take on and Off

Another advantage of choosing the DSB brand of horse boots is their ease of use. For these particular sets of boots, you simply place the straps on the outside of the horse’s legs and close them toward the back of the legs. They are made to fit perfectly without overlapping or binding, making them the perfect combination of good fit and great comfort every time they’re worn. They are also lightweight and less than 1.5 lbs., so they’re easy to maneuver whether you’re placing them on or taking them off of the horse.

Regardless of what you’re planning to do with your horse or what you put it through, a good set of boots will help keep your horse comfortable and provide it with the support and protection it needs so that its injuries are fewer and there is a much less likely chance of it harming delicate tendons and bones. Because of the sturdy vinyl these boots are made out of, your horse’s lower limbs will be well-protected at all times, making that next training or exercise session a lot more productive in the end.

3. Pelham Ascot Premium Dressage Sport Boots

These high-quality dressage boots are made out of very breathable materials and are lined with fleece for the ultimate in comfort. Once you buy a set of these for your horse, you’ll understand why the boots are always rated one of the best brands on the market. These elite boots come with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee and include several loop elastic straps so that they always fit just right. In addition, keeping them clean and functional is a breeze because they are machine-washable.

Very Versatile and Attractive

The Pelham Ascot horse boots are available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-large sizes, as well as 10 different colors that include hunter green, red, purple, lime-green, turquoise, pink, and white, among others. Let’s face it, when you place any type of supportive and protective boots on your horse, most owners appreciate boots that look great and will attract the attention of passersby as well as those that do the job they were meant to do, and these boots promise all of this.

They are also lightweight and ergonomically designed to prevent soreness and discomfort, and best of all, they provide an economical alternative to other expertly made horse boots that are far more expensive than these boots are. Indeed, for roughly $50, you can purchase a set of boots for your horse that you know are going to last and do the job right, and you’ll be able to afford more than one set should you have several horses on your property.

Don’t Risk Serious Injuries

When you’re training horses, you never know when a career-changing injury will occur, but with the right type of horse boots, the chances of that injury occurring are much less than you think. Boots made by Pelham Ascot are easy to apply thanks to their two-strap design, and they will automatically enhance your horse’s performance, regardless of what you’re working on at the moment. Even if you own a horse that is never entered into any type of competition, you’ll still be able to keep that horse comfortable and productive for many years to come.

Plan to Keep Them a While

These sport boots are great for horses of all sizes and for many different purposes, and they are built to last – and to keep their color – for a very long time. Imagine a set of support and protection boots that last a long time, perform the way they’re supposed to through the years, and keep looking great regardless of how long you keep them. That’s what the Pelham Ascot boots provide you with, and they will never disappoint.

4. Centaur Classic Dressage Boots for Horses

Priced at just under $95, these boots are white in color and come with four hook and loop tabs for a perfectly fitting set of horse boots. They are made out of a very pliable vinyl and come padded for the horse’s ultimate comfort. The boots provide rigid protection plates that offer great protection in the horse’s tendon and ankle areas, which are the two most important areas to protect and support.

A Few of its Many Advantages

Lightweight at under three pounds, these boots measure 12” x 7” x 6” in the standard horse size and are available in two sizes and two distinct colors – black and white. They are also super-easy to put on your horse because the logo name CENTAUR is printed across the top of each boot, making it simple to determine the correct way to place them on your horse’s legs.

When you purchase this set of boots, you’ll get a total of four boots so that you can place them on each of the horse’s legs – no more having to buy two sets of boots just to get the number you need! They are breathable and keep your horse extremely comfortable, not to mention their legs are nice and protected and supported so that you can train or exercise the horse with confidence.

Affordable and Long-Lasting

At under $95, you can afford to purchase enough sets of these boots to accommodate all of the horses on your property, and their expert durability means you can count on using the boots for many years to come. Horse boots are used for a variety of reasons, and the ones made by Centaur are made to provide the horse with excellent support and protection regardless of how long you’re out in the field with it. They are tough but comfortable, functional yet attractive, and they are made by a company that specializes in equestrian products, so you can count on them to last for a very long time.

5. Kavallerie Pro-K 3D Air Mesh Horse Boots

One of the things many horse owners want when looking for any type of support boot is a design that is both elegant and comfortable, and the Kavallerie Pro-K horse boots definitely meet this qualification. Whether you ride your horse casually or train it for competition, your horse deserves a comfortable and protective set of boots it can wear day after day, and that’s exactly what these boots offer.

Made Different From the Inside Out

The Pro-K dressage boots are anatomically shaped so that they fit your horse’s legs perfectly. Available in two sizes and two different colors – black and white – the boots are designed by professionals and perfectly accommodate your horse whether it’s galloping, jumping, exercising, or training for a tough competition. The breathable mesh material means no more sweating or overheating for your horse, because the heat is released through many microperforations made in the material used to make the boots.

The boots’ unique design also provides another important advantage – it helps prevent the boots from slipping while your horse is wearing them, and it keeps the boots from growing mold or bacteria as the horse continues to wear them day after day. The DuroPlastic used to make the tough shell offers some shock-absorbing capabilities as well, meaning the horse’s legs are less likely to suffer with brushes, strikes, and bangs as it trains or exercises.

The Perfect Fit and Much More

Besides resistance to various types of impact and shock, the boots also provide your horse with a slip-on, slip-off way to wear them, and they even come with copper lock closures that are made out of rust-free materials that allow not only for the perfect fit for your horse, but also for a non-slip addition that gives you one less thing to worry about while you’re out and about each day with the horse.

If you’re wondering why the perfect fit is so important, here are a few reasons. First, if the horse’s boots are too tight, they can cause irritation and even swelling if they are worn for long periods at a time. If they are too loose, they can slip off of the horse’s legs as you’re riding or exercising, which does you no good. Protecting your horse’s legs from injury and pain is one of the main reasons to place these boots on the horse, but it is just as important to have boots that allow your horse the freedom to move about as it needs to without them being too tight or too loose.

Low-Maintenance Boots Are Important

Another advantage that Kavallerie is known for is its ability to make boots that are incredibly low maintenance. After all, if your horse is going to wear the boots day in and day out, it’s important to find a set that won’t take you forever to clean them each time. With the Pro-K boots, all you do is hose them down with water, hand-wash them, or place them in the washing machine and dry them on low. You can clean them in minutes, not hours, which means that when you’re with your horse, you can spend time concentrating on something other than how to clean the boots it’s wearing, which is also why these boots make a great addition to your horse supplies and accessories.

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