What Age Can a Child Start Horse Riding Lessons?


Do you have a young child interested in horses? Has your child expressed an interest in riding? Have you wondered what would be a safe age to start horse riding lessons? The best way to foster your child’s interest in horses and riding is to make it a fun and safe experience which will encourage rather than scare them. There is no perfect age to begin horse riding lessons, but you will know if your child is ready better than anyone.

Do Your Homework

The best way to ensure your child has a good experience with horses is to do your homework. It is a good idea to check around your local area and visit different stables and riding schools. Many horse riding schools have an online website which allows a parent to check out the programs, rates and other valuable information. After reviewing several different stables, the next step is visiting in person.

Visit the Stable

If you are interested in signing your child up for horse riding lessons, it is worthwhile to visit different prospective stables. Many stables offer riding lessons geared towards young children and novice riders. Keep in mind a stable should have some type of fenced arena where lessons will be conducted, in order to ensure rider safety. Any stable you consider, should offer riding lessons suited to the age and skill level of the rider.

Watch Some Lessons in Action

Another good idea you should consider is actually visiting the stable to observe some live horse riding lessons. You should note if the stable provides the property safety equipment. Rider safety cannot be stressed enough, especially when it comes to young children. Watch the instructor closely during lessons and see how well he or she gets along with the students and how the trainer communicates with the children.

Talk to Other Parents

If you visit a stable to observe some riding lessons, speaking to the parents of students can give you some good feedback. You should inquire about the instructor and check to see if parents are happy with their child’s progress. By receiving honest feedback about the riding facility, you can decide if that particular stable is right for your child.

Is Your Child Ready to Ride?

Children can gain a lot from horse riding lessons. Riding a horse requires discipline, responsibility and will teach a child good sportsmanship. The earlier in life a parent can encourage a love for horses, the more a child’s passion and enjoyment from riding will grow.


Source by Mike F Miranda