Natural Mohair vs Synthetic Mecates

100 percent mohair breast collars, mecates and cinchs – Vaquero style! A new Mecate is pretty, but an old Mecate is beautiful. All of the hair prickles are worn off so the pattern is very crisp and distinct. The colors are still as bright as the day it was made. There is some dander and dirt where it has rubbed many a horse’s neck, but that just gives it character!

Mohair and Mane hair Mecates are a natural alternative to synthetic fiber Mecates. They are comparable in price, yet have a longer usable life. Below is a simple list of the benefits of having Mohair or Mane Hair Mecates:

Mane hair/mohair is very strong, yet not as heavy as other materials, lighter Mecate, lighter horse. Mane hair/mohair, unlike synthetic materials, is not broken down by UV radiation. Mane hair/mohair as a natural animal fiber, softens with age and use. Since mane hair is slick, hard and relatively non-porous, they stay cleaner longer and are easier to clean when they do need it. A well made, well maintained Mecate will last a lifetime and longer. There is nothing quite like a good mane hair/mohair Mecate. They have weight, but not too much, they are balanced, and a truly good one has a life of its own.

Below is a list of the disadvantages associated with synthetic Mecates:

Nylon (yacht braid and braided parachute cord), polyester and polypropylene are all heavier than mohair/mane hair. All synthetic materials are broken down by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, which makes them stiffen as they age. Many people think the ropes are stiff because they are dirty and think washing them will solve the problem, but it is actually the rope breaking down.

All synthetics and plant fibers (such as cotton or rayon) are slightly rough. This allows sweat and dirt to adhere to them and it doesn’t take long for them to get dirty. Mohair/ Mane Hair Mecates have a timeless quality with character! They are the Mecates to Demand! When deciding on what products you are going to purchase always keep a few things in mind. Synthetic (unnatural) products are usually cheaply made. When you are riding not only do you not want to worry about your tack falling apart, but you want it to l

Source by Jason John Brand