Equestrian Gifts Galore

Shopping for that perfect present for someone who just adores horses can be a challenge. Finding the right child’s gift may include something as simple as the gift of riding lessons. Search your community tack store for local listings, call and ask for references. Meet the trainer at his or her training facility and watch a lesson. See how they respond to the horse and person they are giving the lesson to. You don’t want someone who has no interest or patience with your child and horse. They must give their undivided attention to the student at all times! You may even go to a horse show and watch the trainers students perform, go behind the scene hang out at the stall where the horses are being kept and observe.

Many personality impressions can be an eye opener. A good trainer should start the beginner at ground level meaning safety first. Teaching a child how to safely groom, tack, and act around a standing horse is the best way to start. Another great gift to go along with this is a helmet. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a proper fitting helmet, many serious head injuries can be avoided. Even when a child is just doing ground work with a horse like brushing, hoof picking, grooming etc. a helmet can be a good safety precaution. The horse tack also must be the correct type according to the kind of riding a person desires to do either English and or western. Some horse only can be ridden English and some do both ways.

Remember good riding skills don’t happen overnight, be patient and you will grow to be a perfect rider. Be sure to purchase a horse according to which ever type of riding you plan to do. Don’t buy any horse without a qualified veterinarian check, this can save you money in the long run. Horse insurance is always advised as well. Tack accessories, saddles, pads, horse blankets, bridles, bits, riding attire, boots, jewelry, collectibles, fine art, books, training videos, are all good gift ideas as well for both children and adults. Of course a horse would also make the ultimate perfect present for anyone!

Source by Christine Hembree