Definitive Guide For Formulated Milk For Foals

If you are looking into strengthening your horse and enhancing their stamina, the trick is to begin early. Special formulated milk substitutes are available for foals particularly those that have been orphaned. Adult horses can sometimes reject their young and proper nourishment would not be delivered to the foal as a result this might even lead to the death of the foal. The need for supplementing the original nourishment can be done with the help of products such as ePro Foal Starter Plus. The milk is filled with energy giving nutrients like protein, fat, vitamins and minerals which complete the nutritional components of the mare’s milk. Higher levels of protein are present in ePro®.

Protein contains amino acids that are needed by the tissues of the body to function well. For the horses to grow sturdy, 10 essential amino acids are required. ePro Foal Starter Plus contains all of the ten important amino acids for horse nutrition such as arginine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, histidine, valine and trypthopan. These amino acids cannot be formed easily in the usual meals of mares and foals, which is why it is necessary to take advantage of the promising effects which the product contains.

The milk substitute also contains antioxidants at adequate levels to sustain normal body growth and functions of the horse. The ePro® Foal Starter Plus is so innovative and promising; it even contains inulin, an organic sugar supplement produced in plants. Inulin is essential to produce enough helpful bacteria in the foal’s digestive system to maintain equilibrium in the micro flora that helps lessen the chances for scouring.

Due to the highly digestible components which milk substitute contains, it works fast. It can be absorbed and utilized by the foal after various hours of consumption. Making use of the product would help you save money. It could ensure productivity and most of all the safety and health of growing foals. By utilizing the best products and available tools, the best products could be made.

You could make sure of reducing possible developmental risks later on which could hinder the chances of having champion breeds, by improving the quality of nutrients which your horses would consume.

Make sure to provide the foal fresh water daily and make sure that you provide soft hay at 2 weeks of age. Increase the creep feed gradually as the body weight increases per day.Horse Supplies Online specialise in providing thousands of horse products.

Source by Darren Gibbins